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Stonewall Hall

Stonewall Hall

Virginia City, MT
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Benchmark Masonry's Ongoing Restoration Efforts at Stonewall Hall in Virginia City, MT: A Glimpse into the Preservation of History 

Virginia City, MT –  Benchmark Masonry, a prominent name in the world of historic preservation and masonry craftsmanship, is making significant strides in the ongoing restoration project of the iconic Stonewall Hall in Virginia City, Montana. 

Stonewall Hall, Montana's oldest surviving territorial capital building, is symbolic of the rich historical tapestry of Virginia City. Benchmark Masonry, renowned for its dedication to conserving and celebrating the grandeur of historic structures, embarked on a journey to breathe new life into Stonewall Hall. 

The ongoing restoration is an intricate process that calls for a harmonious blend of traditional artisanal skills and cutting-edge technology. Benchmark Masonry's seasoned professionals have undertaken the monumental task of restoring Stonewall Hall and applying modern masonry techniques while keeping the building's authenticity intact. 

Key Highlights of Benchmark Masonry's Ongoing Work on Stonewall Hall: 

1. Historical Precision: The restoration project has prioritized historical accuracy by employing traditional materials and methods to recapture the essence of the original architecture. 

2. Structural Enhancement: Significant structural improvements are being carried out to improve the safety and resilience of this iconic structure for generations to come. 

3. Exemplary Stonework: Benchmark Masonry's artisans have demonstrated their exceptional skills by meticulously restoring the stonework, mirroring the splendor of the original design. 

4. Preservation of Original Features: The team is committed to preserving the building's original features, such as stone arches, chimneys, and architectural details, to retain the structure's unique character. 

5. Sustainable Modernization: The restoration work incorporates contemporary sustainability measures to enhance energy efficiency and long-term durability without compromising the historical charm of Stonewall Hall. 

Montan Heritage Commission Director Elijah Allen applauded Benchmark Masonry's efforts in preserving Virginia City's historical gem, stating, "Benchmark Masonry was chosen as the masonry contractor based on their experience, being a Montana business, and their overwhelming love to save Montana's history!" 

Project architect Patricia Jacobs of ARCHitecture Trio, Inc. recognized the need early in the design process that the expertise of a specialized mason skilled in the intricacies of historic masonry and materials was imperative to the project's success and suggested Benchmark Masonry be an integral part of the design process in determining the most advantageous solutions to challenging conditions. 

Benchmark Masonry's founder and CEO, CJ Bailey, expressed, "Our ongoing work at Stonewall Hall is a labor of passion and purpose. We consider it a privilege to contribute to the preservation of Virginia City's illustrious history. We aim to ensure that structures like Stonewall Hall continue to inspire awe and reverence for generations." 

The public is invited to visit www.SavingStonewallHall.com to follow the progress of this remarkable restoration project as Stonewall Hall steadily returns to its former glory while preserving the cherished narratives of the past. 

The restoration of Stonewall Hall is made possible thanks to many fantastic donors. The Foundation for Montana History is a registered 501(c)(3) tax-exempt charitable organization. To donate to this extraordinary project, please visit www.mthistory.org/donate. 

About Benchmark Masonry: Benchmark Masonry is a trusted leader in historic preservation, specializing in the restoration and maintenance of historical landmarks while maintaining a steadfast commitment to authenticity and the highest standards of craftsmanship. With a distinguished portfolio of successful restoration projects, Benchmark Masonry continues to safeguard and rejuvenate the historical treasures that define our heritage. 

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