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Jahn Mortar Certified

Benchmark Masonry is proud to be Jahn Mortar Certified. Jahn Mortars have been the preferred choice on thousands of historic and iconic restorations, including The Washington Monument, The Empire State Building, The U.S. Capitol Building, and more. Learn more.


Repointing, also known as Tuckpointing, is the replacement of mortar that has been damaged or deteriorated over time. In order to properly perform historic repointing and achieve lasting results, the original mortar must be analyzed in a lab to determine the exact matrix. The cement type and aggregate must then be matched before the old mortar is removed and replaced. Benchmark Masonry follows the methodology as detailed in the Historic Preservation Briefs of the U.S. Department of Interior.

Masonry Reconstruction

Masonry rebuilding is most often required when there is significant corrosion of the structural steel or when severe deterioration is present, most commonly due to water infiltration. The main objective of masonry reconstruction is to repair or replace damaged masonry units while restoring the area to a color and quality that appears original to the building.

Steps of Quality Masonry Reconstruction:

  • Photograph and catalog original
  • Dismantle and salvage individual units
  • Demo and reconstruct large failed areas
  • Reconstruct to original location

Historic Preservation

Special consideration must be given to the repair and restoration of historic buildings. When repairing newer buildings, it is typically easier to find a good match for replacement materials. However, the façade materials of historical restoration projects often must be salvaged, repaired, and reused. 

At Benchmark Masonry, we are passionate about protecting the historical integrity of preservation projects, and take pride in revitalizing buildings on the National Historic Registry with meticulous care and attention to detail. Our craftsmen are carefully trained and JAHN Certified, to ensure that every job is done to the highest standards and quality.

Masonry Stabilization

Stabilization is a crucial element to long-lasting durability of masonry structures. Benchmark Masonry craftsmen are skilled in both Helical Anchors (for crack stitching) and Epoxy Anchors. Our anchoring technologies ensure that your project not only looks beautiful, but will endure for generations.

Facade Cleaning

Cleaning masonry is one of the most effective ways to visually improve the look of a structure without invasive reconstruction. Our specialized masonry cleaning methods help bring out the original color of the masonry while preserving the distinctive character of the original structure.

This process is especially effective for buildings that have been blackened by pollution in urban environments. Masonry cleaning does not just change the appearance of these historic structures, but reimagines the environmental context in which they exist.

Paint Stripping

When removing paint from historic structures, it is crucial that it be done in a way that does not harm the integrity of the masonry materials beneath the paint. Many paint stripping chemicals can cause erosion and discoloration of the masonry. The Benchmark Masonry team excels at providing top-notch paint stripping services that are done with care and precision.


Moisture is the most common cause of damage to historic masonry. Once water penetrates the masonry, it can start a freeze/thaw cycle that causes erosion and cracks. In addition, some water may contain salt that begins to crystallize, causing additional damage. Benchmark Masonry applies breathable water repellants that can prevent moisture from penetrating the surface while maintaining the integrity of the building.

Chimney Repair

Due to their nature and usage, chimneys tend to experience more wear-and-tear over time than other components of structural masonry. A damaged chimney allows an increase in the emission of harmful gases, and loose bricks and stones can cause serious personal and property damage. Improperly repaired chimneys are dangerous and harmful to the environment and the safety of people within the building. The Benchmark Masonry team is skilled at restoring chimneys to their former glory, improving the aesthetic and safety of a structure.


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